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Drivetime – Monday 17th November

16th November 2014

cat-driving-carJust a quick blog post to say I’m covering Drivetime this Monday – that’s 17th November – instead of being on 2-3pm. Everything will be back to normal next week when I’ll be back hopefully doing ‘The Afternoon Session’. On Drivetime tomorrow:

That’s Monday 4pm until 6.30pm on Future Radio 107.8 fm. Over and out!


Show business 10/11/2014: Protest, James Brown mummification, animal celebrities

9th November 2014



After the technical problems last week (technology, eh?!), I have a great show lined up:

Monday 10th November 2-3pm on Future Radio 107.8fm!

Laurence x


Show business 03/11/2014: Baby text speak & Remember, remember

2nd November 2014


Hellooooo, I’m back after loosing my voice last week and not being on the radio.

This means one thing: Tomorrow’s show will be odd but hopefully entertaining with it! Brace yourself…

Guess who’s coming to Norwich? It’s no-one exciting. In fact, exactly the opposite. It’s Chas and Dave! I will be holding a protest IN PUBLIC on Monday’s show about them playing a gig in the city during the coming week.

Also, what abbreviations would babies use if they could text? (I know, very deep and philosophical but it will be a Monday afternoon). Your challenge this week is to invent some baby text speak, e.g. BTW = ‘Bring the wipes’. Leave a comment in the comments section of this post and I’ll read it live on air…

As fireworks night is days away, I attempt to re-write the classic “Remember, remember, the 5th of November; gunpowder, treason and plot” poem. How ill I get on? I’ll share my results on Monday’s show (I’m no poet, you know!). The challenge is on.

That’s this Monday 3rd November from 2pm to 3pm on Future Radio 107.8fm.

Laurence x


Summer 2014 Demo

21st October 2014

My latest radio presenting demo from Summer 2014.


Atmospheric songs and The Big Brother Apprentice

19th October 2014


After my outing on Drivetime last week, I’m back in my normal slot this week. It was much like a prisoner being let out to go and work in the kitchen. I know it’s been very off-and-on so will be good to be back at 2pm.

On the show – what’s your favourite song that you think has an “atmospheric” feel to it? Request it in the comments section below and I shall play it on the show on Monday. Here’s one of my favourites:

Also on the show, with The Apprentice back on TV, my idea to merge Big Brother and The Apprentice to form the spin-off, The Big Brother Apprentice!

I’ll also tell the story of the man who woke up after an operation wearing PINK KNICKERS! He’s suing the hospital and you’ll love the lawsuit. And the story of Nigel the Parrot who returned home after 4 years speaking Spanish!

When? Monday 1400-1500

Where? Future Radio 107.8

How to listen: Pick it up on an FM radio if you’re in Norwich by tuning to 107.8. You can also listen online here.


Laurence x


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