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My last Drivetime show

1st August 2015

On airA quick bit of ‘housekeeping’…

I have made a big decision and I’m stepping down from Tuesday’s Drivetime show on Future Radio.

This Tuesday, 4th August, will be my last show before handing over to Sam Day.

I have made the decision on health grounds because of my two disabilities, one of which is still relatively new.

I’ll be moving back to my old Monday 2-3pm show in September; the date I’ll be returning to Mondays is not confirmed yet, but I’ll be posting here and on twitter and facebook.

The last 4 months on Drivetime has been a good experience so I’m glad to have given it a try.

During my time off between the two shows ending and beginning, I shall be re-launching this website – stay tuned for that!

Toodle pip,

Laurence x


Ultimate festival line ups

12th July 2015

Latitude-SheepA few weeks ago I asked for your suggestions for what people and places should be mentioned in a national anthem for Norfolk. Ross Cullum, who performs under the stage name Professor Jack Darcy, has agreed to write and perform the song based on your suggestions. So, this week you get the chance to hear our very own Norfolk anthem! Also on this week’s show, what band or bands would be in your ultimate festival line up? They can be alive or dead! It’s all because Latitude starts on Thursday. All that and more Tuesday 5 – 7pm on Future Radio!

– Laurence.


Fake Lord Mayor powers

5th July 2015

Fake powersDid you go to the Lord Mayor’s celebration over the weekend?

For Future Radio Drivetime this Tuesday, I’d like your help compiling a list of powers the Lord Mayor DOESN’T have.

For example, the power to compel Boris Johnson to an arm wrestle to see who is the better mayor.

That’s Tuesday 5-7pm on Future Radio 107.8 FM!



28th June 2015


For this Tuesday’s Drivetime show, I’d like your animal and band or artist puns please.


Alpacca Green

Pig Audio Dynamite

Sheep purple

Donkey McClean

…but I’m sure you can do better. You can comment below if you like.

Also this week: I interview Peter Trudgill who’s a professor in sociolinguistics and is president of the Friends of the Norfolk Dialect. I’ll be chatting to him about the Norfolk dialect and that should be good fun!

Tuesdays from 5pm on Future Radio 107.8 FM. Listen at your on risk.

Toodle pip!

Laurence Scott x


Norfolk anthem special

21st June 2015

Firstly, apologies for being off so much recently – it’ll be good to be back! If there was going to be a ‘Norfolk anthem’, what would be in it? People? Places? Landmarks? On Today’s Drivetime show, I’d like a bit of your help help in writing this song…. A great local comedy singer is going to use your ideas to compose a Norfolk anthem and perform it on the show in a couple of weeks. You can comment below with your suggestions for people and places it should mention… Also on this week’s show: Local impressionist Marea Smithson! Tuesday from 5pm on Future Radio!

– Laurence x


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