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Summer 2014 Demo

21st October 2014

My latest radio presenting demo from Summer 2014.


Atmospheric songs and The Big Brother Apprentice

19th October 2014


After my outing on Drivetime last week, I’m back in my normal slot this week. It was much like a prisoner being let out to go and work in the kitchen. I know it’s been very off-and-on so will be good to be back at 2pm.

On the show – what’s your favourite song that you think has an “atmospheric” feel to it? Request it in the comments section below and I shall play it on the show on Monday. Here’s one of my favourites:

Also on the show, with The Apprentice back on TV, my idea to merge Big Brother and The Apprentice to form the spin-off, The Big Brother Apprentice!

I’ll also tell the story of the man who woke up after an operation wearing PINK KNICKERS! He’s suing the hospital and you’ll love the lawsuit. And the story of Nigel the Parrot who returned home after 4 years speaking Spanish!

When? Monday 1400-1500

Where? Future Radio 107.8

How to listen: Pick it up on an FM radio if you’re in Norwich by tuning to 107.8. You can also listen online here.


Laurence x


Monday Drivetime

11th October 2014


Instead of my ‘normal’* show (Monday 2-3pm), for this Monday (13th October) I’m covering Drivetime between 4 pm and 6.30 pm. All from someone who, despite owing a car, doesn’t have a driving license. I know. I can’t drive and I’m presenting Drivetime. HOW DARE I! Anyway…

I have a competition (I might even have some prizes too!) called Key Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes; I’ll be asking you to guess the artist and title of a song that has a key change in from a clip that I’ll play on the show.

I’ll be playing your suggestions for songs that don’t have the title in the lyrics after 6pm. There’s more than you think. If you have one, why not leave a reply to this blog post?

Plus, I’ll be interview Nick Bond, Head of Tourism for Visit Norwich, about ‘All hail the ale’ week. It’s part of their ‘city of stories’ campaign. This interview may contain information about potential ale tasting, if you’re into ale…

You can listen online or, if you’re in Narrrrwwwich, on 107.8 fm. That’s from 4pm this coming Monday…

Over and out,
Laurence x

* the inverted commas are because, if you’ve ever head my usual show, normal is definitely not how anyone would describe it


Mixing desk and microphone for sale

9th October 2014

MicrophoneCalling all audio people! I am selling a small mixing desk and a microphone on ebay because I no longer need it after buying a USB microphone.

The microphone and mixing desk are being sold separately.

Condenser Studio Microphone (MXL V63M) with stand, wallet/pouch and XLR cable included

A good, reliable MXL V63M studio microphone. It comes with a small tripod stand (MXL MT-001), wallet to contain the microphone and XLR cable. Original box also included. It is used but overall in good condition, however it is quite sensitive to background noise. Frequency Response: 30Hz – 20kHz. Polar pattern: Cardioid. Power Requirements: Phantom Power 48V (+- 4V). Size: 55mm x 190 mm/1.85 in. x 7.48 in.

12-channel, 4-bus mixer mixing desk (Behringer Eurorack MX 1604A)

A good little mixing desk, complete with power lead. 4 mono input channels with XLRs and 4 stereo input channels. Headphone output. 3-band EQ on all channels. Mic preamps with +48 V phantom power. Peak LEDs. Mute, Solo and PFL function on all channels. Master aux sends with Gain control. Overall, it is used but in good condition; there are a few minor scratches and it is slightly dusty.



Listen again 06/10/14: Celebrity and biscuit puns galore!

7th October 2014

biscuitsThe Afternoon Session with Laurence Scott, as broadcast on Future Radio 107.8 Norwich on 6th October 2014.

On the show…

After almost a month off ill, it was great fun to be back!

Click the play button to hear this week’s dose of music and comedy:

The Afternoon Session with Laurence Scott – Future Radio – 06/10/14 – Celebrity and biscuit mash ups by Laurence Scott on Mixcloud

P.S. There won’t be my normal show (The Afternoon Session) next week because I’m covering Future Radio Drivetime on Monday instead.


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