I’m a radio presenter from Norwich, UK (you can insert your own joke about Alan Partridge here).

I present for Future Radio 107.8 FM and I was their youngest presenter aged 13 when the station launched in 2007.

I’m also a freelance writer for stations like Bob FM and Sam FM, currently working on re-launching my comedy podcast, occasionally record a video blog, and – after buying a didgeridoo in France* in 2008 – I’m a failed didgeridoo player.

This website is home to information about me and contains my blog. You can follow me on Twitter or ‘like’ my show on Facebook too.

*to this day, I have no idea why they were selling didgeridoos in France, not Australia


  • Confirmed: My return date to Future Radio

    Confirmed: My return date to Future Radio

    Hello & hope you’re having a good summer! Just a quick blog post to say that I’ll be back on air after my Summer break on Monday 7th September with my old slot ‘The Afternoon Session’ every Monday between 2 and 3 PM. Toodle pip! Laurence.

  • Bad follow up songs

    Bad follow up songs

    Hello! Hope you’re having a good summer. I have a challenge for you to get involved with for my last Drivetime show this Tuesday – write a bad title for a follow up song. What would it be like if a band wrote a song, then released a follow up that seems inappropriate in the […]

  • On air

    My last Drivetime show

    A quick bit of ‘housekeeping’… I have made a big decision and I’m stepping down from Tuesday’s Drivetime show on Future Radio. This Tuesday, 4th August, will be my last show before handing over to Sam Day. I have made the decision on health grounds because of my two disabilities, one of which is still […]

  • Ultimate festival line ups

    Ultimate festival line ups

    A few weeks ago I asked for your suggestions for what people and places should be mentioned in a national anthem for Norfolk. Ross Cullum, who performs under the stage name Professor Jack Darcy, has agreed to write and perform the song based on your suggestions. So, this week you get the chance to hear […]

  • Fake Lord Mayor powers

    Fake Lord Mayor powers

    Did you go to the Lord Mayor’s celebration over the weekend? For Future Radio Drivetime this Tuesday, I’d like your help compiling a list of powers the Lord Mayor DOESN’T have. For example, the power to compel Boris Johnson to an arm wrestle to see who is the better mayor. That’s Tuesday 5-7pm on Future Radio […]



I present The Afternoon Session every Monday 2 – 3 PM on Future Radio 107.8 FM.

I will entertain you and play great music!

I was their youngest presenter aged 13 when the station launched in 2007 and have presented a show there ever since. Basically, they still haven’t got rid of me!

Tune in online or, if you’re in Norwich, on 107.8 FM.