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NEW MUSIC: Muse – Mercy

22nd May 2015

MuseDronesCoverMuse’s seventh studio album Drones is released in a couple of weeks on June 8th and it’s due to loose some of the electronic music and orchestral music that Muse have experimented with over recent years. They’ve just released a track called Mercy.

After the heavier song Psycho, it contains light and shade – and it works. For some reason, the backing track reminds me of The Killers, particularly the piano part in the introduction. I also like the drum part; it has a simple beat that suits the song well. It’s not often I like a song on first play but I do with this one.

After the song Psycho, this is slightly less mad. However, it does repeatedly talk about “men in cloaks” – who are they?! And also contains the lyric: “We’re going under hypnotised / By another puppeteer”. I think we can forgive them a little bit of madness.

Overall: 8/10


‘Lauredy’ podcast update – I’m taking a break

21st May 2015

podcast_channel_artwork.jpgThis is just a short blog post to let you know I’ll be taking a break from the podcast, Lauredy, I started at the beginning of the year. The listening figures have been a strong start so a big thank you. However I need a bit of time to have a rest and think about where the podcast goes from here. Also, because of my poor health, I’m still quite restricted in the amount I can do. I hope to be back in the podcasting arena soon!

*You can pretend to listen to Greensleeves like you were on hold on the phone right now if you like*


Tenuous coolness

18th May 2015


On my show this week: What tenuous things make you cool? The more insignificant the better! I’m calling this text-in ‘tenuous coolness’. It’s all because it’s Mr. T’s birthday on Tuesday and we share a first name (Laurence). This, for some odd reason, makes me feel cool. Leave your example of ‘tenuous coolness’ in the comments below and you could be in the top 5 before the end of the show!

I’ve also got a little item that’ll make Norwich fans and non-football fans smile alike.

As resigning seems in fashion at the moment, I’ll bring you ‘Now that’s what I call resignations! 2015’.

That’s all on Drivetime this Tuesday from 5pm until 7pm with weather, travel, your events guide and awesome music that’s better than the sounds-like-a-washing-machine-gone-wrong rubbish you’d get at Radio 1’s ‘big weekend’.

Listen: 107.8 FM (Norwich city centre-ish) or online. OVER AND OUT.

– Laurence Scott x


NEW MUSIC: Elbow – What time do you call this?

9th May 2015

ElbowReviewManchester alternative band Elbow have released a new song which is great for fans like me. It’s called What time do you call this? (other slightly aggressive sounding songs are probably available). It was written for Simon Pegg’s new film Man Up. I haven’t seen the film, though.

I particularly like the backing singers on this song, they add to the uplifting-ness of the song. It’s pretty uplifting but nowhere near One day like this, probably their most famous song. Of course, being an elbow song, it’s lengthly and comes in at just under six minutes. All in all, a very good listen and they haven’t released much recently so good to have them back.


Future Radio Drivetime: Inappropriate campaign songs

4th May 2015


Hi, hope you enjoyed the bank holiday weekend.

What songs would be inappropriate to use as an election campaign song? Let’s do inappropriate campaign songs on Drivetime this Tuesday! For example, any of these…

Comment below for a mention on Drivetime this Tuesday!

– Laurence.


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