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Making an impression

18th July 2014


The special guest on my show this Monday is Marea Smithson who is a local impressionist and has appeared on Britain’s Got Talent!

I’ll be interviewing her about how she learns how to impersonate a celebrity and, best of all, she’ll be performing some impressions for you!

Plus, she’ll teach me how to do an impression of Prince Charles! And who wouldn’t want to hear that?! (That’s a rhetorical question by the way)

Here’s Marea performing on BGT:

Monday from 2pm on Future Radio 107.8fm.

P.S. Apologies for the awful pun in the title of this blog post.


Help me name my new podcast…

10th July 2014


I’ll be starting a new comedy sketch podcast soon and I’d like your help in giving it a name, dear blog reader.

Here are my suggestions so far but feel free to add your own…

1. The Specs Factor
2. Sketchily
3. Breaking Mad
4. LOLs: Lots of Laurence Scott
5. Lauredy

Vote in the comments please…


Listen again 07/07/2014

9th July 2014


Hello, here’s my radio show from Norwich’s Future Radio 107.8 from 7th July 2014!

As it was Norwich’s Lord Mayor’s procession over the weekend, I invited listeners for their contributions of fake facts about the Lord Mayor, and I loved your creative responses!

I played a game of Yorkshire-dialect-off with two fellow Future Radio peeps as the Tour de France was in Yorkshire. “Assnook” was my favourite (I found that one, by the way!).

Enjoy the show :)

7th July 2014 – The Afternoon Session – Sport & Fake Norwich Lord Mayor Facts by Laurence Scott on Mixcloud


Show business 07/07/2014 – Fake Lord Mayor’s Facts

5th July 2014


On my show this week…

That’s Monday 2-3pm on Future Radio!

Laurence x


Dolly Parton and Metallica Super Group

1st July 2014

What would it be like if Dolly Parton and Metallica formed a super group for Glastonbury 2015?


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