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Listen again 15/12/2014

18th December 2014

‘The Afternoon Session with Laurence Scott’ from Monday 15th December on Future Radio 107.8 FM.

On this show – What songs would be inappropriate to play during a school nativity play?

The Afternoon Session – 15th December 2014 – Inappropriate nativity play songs by Laurence Scott on Mixcloud


3 things for you to comment on for Monday 15th December’s show…

14th December 2014



It’s the second week of the trial new show blog format where I’m asking for your comments. If you have any comments on the items below, post a comment and I’ll read it out the radio!

Monday is my last show before Christmas Day and I’m looking forward to it!

Here’s 3 things for you to comment about:

1. What songs would it be mildly inappropriate to be played at a school nativity play? Here’s a bit of inspiration…

2. I’m 21 this week. So what songs did you enjoy when you were 21? Reminisce away!

3. Do you have any favourite unusual christmas songs? I’ll play them on the show.

Comment below and don’t forget to tune in (Monday 2-3pm, Future Radio 107.8 FM).

Toodle pip,

Laurence x


Listen again 08/12/2014

11th December 2014

Sorry for not uploading my show for a while! This was broadcast live Monday, 8th December 2014 on Future Radio. On the show I tried to start writing a panto, how to find your Bond villain name and strange things that scare you.

The Afternoon Session – 8th December 2014 – Panto by Laurence Scott on Mixcloud


4 things for Monday 8th December’s show

7th December 2014


I can’t believe this Monday (8th December if you’re reading this in the future) will be my penultimate show before the Christmas Day special! Yes, you did read that right – I’ll be presenting ‘Laurence’s Challenging Christmas’ 2-4pm on Christmas Day on Future Radio. As the name suggests, I’m taking on a number of Christmas-related challenges.

Anyway, back to this week, and I’m trying out a new format for these blog posts. Instead of blogging about what’s coming up on the show, I shall list 4 things I’d like you comments on. Then I can give you a mention during the live show, particularly if you’re at work and can’t get in touch on a Monday afternoon.

4 things for 8th December’s show

  1. I’m gong to write a pantomime for the end of next week’s show. But I’d like your help in writing it. Which Norfolk places – streets, landmarks, shops etc. – should I make a reference to?
  2. What little things frighten you?
  3. Paul Hollywood of The Great British Bake Off is doing a gig in Norwich Monday Night. So, I’d like fake backstage gossip from the gig from you.
  4. I’ve invented a game to find your Bond villain name. It might not work for everyone but will hopefully for most people. Here’s how it works: select the first word in the name of any street you’ve lived on. Then add the first word from one of the schools you went to. Mine: Francis Archbishop.

Have anything to comment on those? Leave it in the comments below and I’ll read it out on the radio (Monday 8th December, 2-3 PM, Future Radio 107.8 FM).

Laurence x


Show business 01/12/2014: Paper cut compensation for you

29th November 2014


There was no show last week because I lost my voice so let’s hope for better luck this Monday!

On the show…

It will be total madness. Monday 1st December (it can’t be December, surely?) 2-3pm on Future Radio. Listen on 107.8 FM in Norwich, or online, for music and entertainment…

Toodle pip,

Laurence Scott x


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